About Us

It all started with an electrician’s back ground, my mother-in-law and my first son being born. Let me explain. I was raised in a Mexican household. My dad was an electrician by trade, but was able to get his electrician’s journeyman license. My dad instilled in me the “old school” business ethics. Everything was closed with a handshake, obviously we don’t run business like that anymore.

After 8 months of working there I noticed that my original job description of maintenance was turning into complete remodels. That’s when I seriously started thinking of working on my own. I took the leap of faith and I started on my own. In a short time I began questioning my decision. It was a challenge getting people to trust me when youre 24 and not having the same experience as other guys out there. I resorted to lawn maintenance and cleaning vacant houses with my mother-in-law.

That’s when things took a drastic turn for the better. My mother-in-law invited my wife and I to clean and prep a newly remodeled condo that was going up for sale the following day. As we were cleaning, the realtor gets there and he noticed that there were still many things that needed attention. There were tiles missing in the kitchen, 2 doors needed to be replaced, a toilet needed to be repaired, half of the baseboard needed to be installed and door knobs needed to installed. That’s when my mother-in-law volunteered me to get all this done before the next day. Well… everything got done. The realtor had an open house the next day. It sold within 3 days. This realtor named Bill Smith was very appreciative that he started using us to flip homes. He encouraged me to open up my own business.

And 20 years later… here we are. Still with the same “Old School” values and business ethics, but now with the help of my kids, transitioning to a modern and technological way of marketing.

As a newlywed I had to get a “secured” job that could help me provide for my family. Within the year we were expecting our first daughter. Time flew by, we were expecting my first son. I was working at Home Depot when I realized, I needed to spend time with my family. I took 3 weeks off in order to that. It was hard to go back. I’m not saying that it was hard to go back to work, it was just hard to go back to being tide down to an unstable schedule job with all it’s work “politics” that come with working in an environment like that. I gave my 2 weeks notice and applied at a apartment complex as a maintenance technician. This job gave me more of a hands-on training and I was able to apply what I learned at Home Depot.